Regarding Chocolate in general sense, most people think about Bean-to-Bar Chocolate which means chocolate makers bring Cocoa beans to Chocolate processing starting from roasting beans to grinding beans to make Chocolate. However, MarkRin Chocolate includes the study, research and selection of Cocoa Variety until the company obtained the unique Cocoa Variety that can be grown throughout Thailand. The chosen Cocoa is Variety I.M.1 which was studied and researched for over 30 years. After that, there was a promotion campaign to encourage farmers throughout Thailand to grow seedlings of Cocoa Variety I.M.1 which has unique characteristics by providing knowledge of growing Cocoa, training of Cocoa farm management as well as pruning, organic pest and disease control, harvesting and Cocoa beans fermenting technology.

After harvesting, MarkRin Chocolate bring Cocoa beans to fermenting and drying processes by using a unique fermenting process for making high quality dried cocoa beans. Fragrant scent, strong chocolate flavor and delicious taste are unique characteristic of Cocoa Variety I.M.1. In the initial phase after farmers receive crops, both MarkRin Chocolate and MarkRin Farm will hold the demonstration and training for technology and fermenting process to farmers. After farmers operate the Cocoa bean fermenting process by themselves correctly, they will operate the Cocoa bean fermenting process using unique steps of MarkRin Chocolate high quality dried Cocoa beans and good quality Chocolate products which are clean, chocolate fragrant and delicious.                 

Products of MarkRin Chocolate come only. from Thai Cocoa Variety I.M.1. After receiving high quality dried Cocoa beans, dried Cocoa beans of MarkRin Chocolate will be sent to the processing to make Chocolate by Chocolate Factory of MarkRin Chocolate. The processes start with roasting cocoa beans in suitable temperature, husking beans and grinding them to make Chocolate using standard equipment, passing through steps with chemical free. After products receive certification from the FDA (Food and Drugs Association) of Thailand, they will become quality chocolate products from Cocoa Variety I.M.1.

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