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"MarkRin Chocolate” was established from family intention. We started as a little cooperation, and then we developed step by step for long-term study research, and cooperation by Sanh and Thip. Therefore, it was found by Sanh and Thip with heart, and they are willing to develop support and extend Thai cocoa and chocolate quality also Thai cocoa farmers all their entire life. 


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sanh La-ongsri is not only professor in horticultural department of Maejo University, but also cocoa expert in Thailand since he had studied and researched on cocoa production and chocolate processing more than 30 years, in horticultural department of Maejo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


His researches were concentrated on cocoa variety, cocoa physiology and production, harvesting, bean fermentation, bean roasting, and making chocolate processing. Therefore, he strongly became aware of the important of cocoa advantages. For instance, cocoa is zero waste plant, cocoa is world industrial crop, cocoa is good for people health, we can use cocoa trees for afforesting and so on. Moreover, Sanh was found that agricultural geography of Thailand qualified for planting cocoa trees in every region. Accordingly, he had given support and extension to cocoa farmers for getting stable occupation by growing cocoa trees because cocoa tree is monocrop and also intercrop.


As for Sanh’s Research, he has researched about oil camellia and plant oil, such as moringa,  oil pumpkin and niger for Chaipathana foundation which is under Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. 


Furthermore, Sanh and Thip (Sanh’s wife) had studied and researched for cocoa beans fermentation together for developing the quality of chocolate and receiving the premium quality  of dried cocoa beans. Moreover, Thip had studied, developed, and improved the processing of making chocolate, especially natural and non-chemical alkaline processing. After that, she developed her own chocolate recipe became of MarkRin Chocolate in organic way. 





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